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Day 1: 14th October 2021

Time (BST)Talk
9:00 am Opening of the Quantum Boundaries workshop
9:10 amInvited Talk: Michael Zwolak
Revealing the emergence of classicality in nitrogen‐vacancy centers 
9:50 amInvited Talk: Steve Campbell
Quantum Darwinism and classical objectivity: A collision model viewpoint
10:30 amBreak
10:50 amInvited Talk: Katarzyna Roszak
Entanglement and objectivity in pure dephasing models
11:30 amInvited Talk: Mauro Paternostro
A quantum crash on Darwin
12:10 pm Lunch Break
1:10 pmInvited Talk: Akram Touil
Eavesdropping on the Decohering Environment: Quantum Darwinism, Amplification, and the Origin of Objective Classical Reality
1:50 pmInvited Talk:  Jarosław K. Korbicz
Objectivity in and from quantum mechanics
2:30 pmBreak
2:50 pmContributed Talk: Sahil Gopalkrishna Naik
On composition of multipartite quantum systems: perspective from time-like paradigm
3:10 pmContributed Talk: Tian Zhang
Quantum correlations in time
3:30 pmContributed Talk: Shubhayan Sarkar
Universal notion of classicality based on ontological framework
3:50 pmBreak
4:10 pmInvited Talk: Carlo Maria Scandolo
Universal structure of objective states in all fundamental causal theories
4:50 pmInvited Talk: Catalina Oana Curceanu
Underground tests of Quantum Mechanics – Collapse models and Pauli Exclusion Principle 
5:30 pmEnd of Day 1

Day 2: 15th October 2021

Time (BST)Talk
9:00 amOpening of Day 2
9:10 amInvited Talk: Angelo Bassi
Present and future precision tests of spontaneous wave function collapse models
9:50 amInvited Talk: Antoine Tilloy
The sound of objective quantum jumps
10:30 amBreak
10:50 am Invited Talk: Lluis Masanes
The measurement postulates are redundant
11:30 amInvited Talk: Markus P. Müller
Quantum theory from simple principles 
12:10 pmLunch Break
1:10 pmInvited Talk:Emily Adlam
Retrocausality to the Rescue?
1:50 pmInvited Talk: Thomas D. Galley and Flaminia Giacomini
A no-go theorem on the nature of the gravitational field beyond quantum theory
2:30 pmBreak
2:50 pmInvited Talk: Jonathan Barrett
Causal influence in quantum theory
3:30 pmContributed Talk:Martin Plavala
Operational Theories in Phase Space: Toy Model for the Harmonic Oscillator
3:50 pmContributed Talk: David Schmid
Unscrambling causation and inference: towards a compelling realist interpretation of quantum theory
4:10 pmBreak
4:30 pmPanel Discussion: Paweł Horodecki, Ivette Fuentes, Wayne Myrvold, and Robert Spekkens.
5:30 pmEnd of workshop

The conference will be held via Zoom via link: with password

The majority of talks will be uploaded to our Youtube account afterwards.